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Custom Workstation Road Case With Foldout Tressle and Drawers

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Workstation Case

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Foldout Tressle Table (one of the lids), Heavy Duty Sliding Drawers, Trapdoor Dogbox For Cables, Workstation Bench Area,

Why Choose Our Custom Workstation Road Case With Foldout Tressle and Drawers?


Need additional compartments for cables or accessories? We tailor the interior layout to your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our cases undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards. Your Equipment deserves nothing less than top-tier protection.

Peace of Mind

With our precision made custom-road-cases, your valuble equipment is cocooned in safety. Focus on your content, knowing your equipment is secure.

Experienced Team

Our experienced sales and design team are always ready to assist. We’re not just about creating cases, we’re about building relationships. Whether you need advice, customization, or a face-to-face meeting, we’re here for you.