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Tool & Equipment Briefcases

Fantastic for Product Packaging

Tool & Equipment Briefcases

Portable & Secure

When optimal utility is the key to field and on site usage of your valued or delicate small tools, instruments and equipment a portable but hard, secure, tool case or briefcase is often an ideal solution.

A hard equipment case customized to suit your needs ensures that you can rest easy knowing your equipment is safe and remains intact.

Trades, Technicians & Professionals

Perfect for mobile trades, technicians and professionals where secure access to tool and equipment kits in the field is essential. A great solution for sales and marketing presentation of product sales kits. Ideal for medical and specialist equipment, the range of applications is endless.

Total Customization

At Protectapack we specialize in custom case solutions to suit your needs. As an Australian business operating for over 10 years in specialist protective cases we are able to offer a broad range of hard tool case and custom briefcase solutions with customizable options of hardware and internal fit out.

Our team of expert CNC designers can ensure that your equipment or tools fit snugly into your case using a range of different foaming options.

Construction styles for the cases are customizable but typically fall into the following styles and materials:

  • Aluminum cases
  • Heavier duty board cases
  • Medium duty board cases
  • Plastic blow moulded cases

Equipment Briefcase & Tool Box Foam Inserts

With in house CNC technology large runs and complex internal foam designs are not a problem, and dealing directly with the manufacturer means your budget is well looked after.

No matter the complexity, we can make a custom tool box foam insert to suit your needs. Use the accordion on the right to explore our range of materials and options available for fitting out the internals of your equipment case.

Solutions fitted to a budget – Tell us what you need, where your budget sits, and we will tailor a solution that specifically meets these needs!

A tool briefcase with custom foam insert is great for keeping your tools & equipment well organized.

Construction Styles

All tool case and briefcase construction styles are customisable. The main styles of cases are:

  • Aluminium Cases – Our briefcase range includes pure aluminium construction cases utilising 2mm thick alloy, thus preserving the integrity for operational uses and equipment that cannot use timber, board or plastics.
  • Heavier duty board Cases – typically 3mm or 5mm ply board construction with heavier duty larger corners and edging with steel latches
  • Medium Duty Board Cases – typically 3mm mdf board construction with medium duty corners and edging and lighter duty latches
  • Polyethylene Blow Moulded Cases – Heavy duty polyethylene blow mould construction, single or double skin layer
Hardware & Features

Corners and edging

  • Aluminium alloy corners and joiners on Aluminium cases
  • Aluminium joiners and plastic corners on board cases

Latches – optioned to suit your use

  • TSA key lock or combination latches
  • Key lock clip latches
  • Key lock draw bolt latches
  • Butterfly latches

Handles – variations to suit your requirements

  • Briefcase swivel handles
  • Strap handles
  • Leather handles
  • Covered Coil Handles
  • Extendable handles

Castors – where required

  • Briefcase Corner Castors
  • Light weight base castors

Internal and Custom Foam – customisable to suit your needs and budget

  • Foam lined – typically 10mm hard PE foam
  • Compartments and blocking
  • Customised CNC shaped foam inserts
  • Pick and Pluck Foam Layers
  • Padded Dividers and Lid Inserts for selected sizes

Branding – be seen, promote your brand with custom graphics

  • Vinyl logo’s
  • Full vinyl wrap

Tool & Equipment Briefcases Gallery

By Industry

Security & Emergency Services

Aluminium or heavier duty briefcases are ideally suited to emergency services and security personnel functions. Immediate access to emergency equipment kits with secure locking and insert components. Aluminium briefcases are a great solution for the protection of fragile or sensitive equipment.

Field Professionals & Technicians

Robust aluminium alloy cases are ideal protection for long life field use of essential instruments, tools and supplies. Inert material makes them ideal for medical and associated professions. Customised inserts available for high protection and mobile tool or equipment control.

Mining, Engineering & Mechanical

An equipment briefcase may be the solution for you where tool control is vital on-site. Large runs or one-offs are not a problem. We provide professional advice and design for your most effective custom layout and case build. We have a wide range of insert options so that the internal fit-outs of your equipment briefcase suits your exact needs.

Sales & Marketing Presentation

All ranges of tool and equipment cases are perfect for marketing and sales presentation of equipment sales kits. Enhance the presentation with branded cases with corporate logos or full graphic vinyl wrap. Custom foam inserts provide a full professional finish.

Retail Hardware

Blow moulded plastic cases provide great presentation and carry cases for retail of tools and hardware. Light weight and versatile. High volume bulk runs are not a problem, sizes and layouts customised to requirements.