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Custom Shipping Crate
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Custom Shipping Crate

Custom Shipping Crates

Local and International Freight Protection

Budget protective freight option

Custom shipping crates are a fantastic budget protective freight option.

Made from strong reinforced plywood and ISPM15 rated timber, shipping crates can be made to any size and specification required, can come with a range of heavy duty add-ons, hardware and internal fitout options.

We will custom make large shipping crates for international freighting to small custom shipping boxes for regional transport. With access to a range of materials we can make heavy duty shipping crates for bulky items that need extra protection or lightweight cases to save on shipping costs.

Contact us with some item specifics and the travel that you require and we can get back to you ASAP with options to suit your needs. Our friendly staff members are happy to help you find the right freight crate for the job.

Custom Shipping Crate

Standard shipping crate construction highlights include:

  • Heavy duty plywood and timber construction
  • All materials comply with ISPM 15 regulations
  • Built to your specifications and dimensions
  • Many different configurations available, such as top loading, lift off base and side loading
  • Rubber feet
  • Pallet base
  • Swivel castors
  • Crate cushions
  • Hinged lid
  • Lockable recessed butterfly latches
  • A range of handles, from standard crate and rope handles to HD recessed sprung handles
  • Internal bracing and framing
  • Foam linings and technical packaging inserts
  • Permanent label dishes/slips
  • Top Loader Case
  • Lift Off lid/shallow base
  • 50/50 Split
  • Side Loading
  • Front/Rear lids

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    Use Cases

    A shipping crate is a great way to ensure your expensive and sensitive equipment makes it to its new location, damage and scratch free, cheap insurance when most carriers don’t hold themselves liable for damage.

    Sometimes pallets just aren’t the answer, custom shipping crates allow you to stack smaller items higher vertically without the risk of stock losses and pallets collapsing whilst in transit.

    If you are moving a larger amount of items interstate, or need to store for a period of time, this could be your answer. A shipping crate can be manufactured up to double pallet size and beyond to allow you to ship/store multiple large items in a consolidated fashion.

    With ISPM15 rated materials used, our shipping crates are a great way to ship internationally with a massively reduced risk of customs and quarantine issues and delays. Shipping crates also allow you to ship LCL and consolidated container consignments with confidence.

    If you have artwork, exhibition or museum pieces that need to be regularly shipped, shipping crates are a great option, some options include single or multiple framed wall art cases, roll in cases with ramps for larger items, or custom cut foam for any item.

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