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Pelican Cases

Military Grade Co-Polymer Molded Cases


World Renowned

Pelican Cases are world renowned as being the Gold Standard in molded protective hard cases.

Their construction and design incorporate numerous features that blend into the case as easily as their camouflaged cases blend into the scenery in field applications.

All providing more effective protection than any other similar brand on the planet. With access to thousands of Pelican products, we can help you find a Pelican case to suit your needs.

Provides Maximum Protection

These unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dust proof, chemical resistant, non-corroding hard cases can be used to safeguard any type of equipment that needs protection in any form of transit and against all elements.

Ranges & Sizes

Pelican cases are available in a number of ranges, and large range of sizes.

  • Pelican™ (Protector) Cases
  • Pelican Storm™
  • Pelican™ Air
  • Hardigg™ Cases
  • Pelican™ Elite Luggage

With over 130 different cases sizes available they range from the small Pelican 1120 Case up to the Pelican 1780 Transport Case in the Protector range and the huge IS4537 in the Hardigg range.

Inquire for an info pack to find out more on the range of Pelican products or use the accordion to the right to find out details on particular products.

Pelican Case Range
  • Pelican (Protector) Cases
  • Pelican Storm Cases
  • Pelican Air Cases – up to 40% lighter
  • Hardigg (ISP) Cases – Inter Stacking Pattern
  • Pelican Elite Luggage – light and versatile
  • Small Cases – small carry cases – sizes range from Pelican 1120 case to Pelican Storm IM2075 Case
  • Medium Cases – A range of medium sized carry cases and roller cases with corner castors and extendable handles – sizes range from Pelican 1400 case to Pelican Storm IM2620 Case
  • Large Cases – A range of large to very large cases mainly roller cases with corner castors and extendable handle – sizes range from Pelican 1600 case to Pelican 1690 Cases
  • Long and Transport Cases – a range of large and very large longer profile roller cases with corner castors – 4 base castor wheel kit as option for the Pelican 0500 case and Pelican 0550 case – sizes range from Pelican 1700 Case to the Pelican 1780T case and Pelican 0550 case

The Pelican Protector Case, Pelican Storm Case and Pelican Elite Luggage ranges are available in a variety of colour options:

  • Black – All cases
  • Silver – All Small Protector Cases and selected other cases
  • Orange – All Small Protector Cases and selected other cases
  • Yellow – All Small Protector Cases and selected other cases
  • Blue – Selected Small Protector Cases
  • Desert Tan – All Small & Medium Protector Cases, selected other cases
  • Olive Green – All Small Protector Cases and selected other cases

All Pelican Elite Luggage models are available with choices of Blue, Orange, Purple and Red Trim

Internal Insert Options

Most Pelican and Pelican Storm Cases are available empty, with Pick N Pluck foam or Padded Dividers.

At Protectapack we can provide a fully customised internal insert design and production service. Check out our technical packaging and CNC insert options here

A variety of other standard Pelican internal inserts are available to offer off-the-shelf protection solutions:

  • No Foam– all cases are available empty to allow the user to create their own bespoke internal protection.
  • Pelican Pick N Pluck Foam – all Protector, Pelican Storm and Air Cases
  • Padded Divider Inserts– most medium and all large cases
  • Trekpak Inserts– All Pelican Air cases
  • Emergency Services Equipment Inserts– selected medium cases
  • Laptop Computer Inserts and Organisers– selected medium cases
  • Overnight case and Luggage Inserts– 1510, 1520, 1560 cases and Elite Luggage range
  • Lid Organiser and Attaché Inserts - selected medium and large cases
  • Utility and Office Divider Insert Sets - 1430, 1440 and Pelican Storm IM2435 cases
  • Panel Frame and Bezel Kits - selected Protector and Pelican Storm cases
  • Tool Chest Inserts - 0450 and 1460 cases
  • Weapons Inserts - Selected Long Transport cases

Pelican Cases Gallery

By Industry

Defence and Security Forces

All of the Pelican Cases range are used universally by military, defence and security services around Australia and worldwide. Their proven record of being the toughest and most reliable cases of their type, in all conditions make them the first choice for the biggest challenges. We provide Australian Defence Forces, Border Security, Federal and State police services and the private sector with a wide range of protective case solutions.

Emergency Services and Paramedical

Pelican Protector, Pelican Storm and Pelican Air cases are ideal for fast response, ready to hand situations where reliable protection is vital. We provide Metropolitan and Volunteer Fire Services, State Emergency Services and private sector paramedical responders with mobile equipment protection solutions.

Mining, Engineering and Field Professionals

Used in the most in-hospitable places on Earth, Pelican Cases provide perfect protection for equipment in the field or on site. Used extensively in the mining industry, and ideally suited for mobile professionals and engineers where protection of valuable equipment and tools in the field is important.

Events and Media Production

We understand that having your equipment arrive at bump in safely and read to operate is essential. The strength and reliability of the Pelican Cases range gives you that peace of mind. Get in touch and let us know what you need, we offer off the shelf and customised solutions, from a single case to large multiples, no enquiry is too small or too large.

Adventure Tourism

When professional standards and safety are paramount, the knowledge that your equipment is safely secure, and ready when needed enables a professional operation and provides peace of mind. Pelican cases provide professional equipment storage and protection in all environments : ideally suited for Diving, Rafting and Water-sports, 4 x 4 Off-Road, Ski and Snow Sports Adventures. Get in touch, we offer off the shelf and customised solutions, from a single case to large multiples, no enquiry is too small or too large.