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Heavy Duty Road Cases – Ultimate Transit Protection

GigGear Road Cases


Whether you need to protect AV gear, IT equipment, your trade show rig, or something completely different! Road cases are a great solution for items that need to tour or travel regularly and stay protected, as well as a range of off the shelf solutions, we can make to order any shape, size or configuration you require! Our custom cases can be suited to a wide range of applications, just let us know the details of the product and we can build something to suit.


With over 10 years in road case production, our experienced design and production team can help you find or build a solution that takes care of all your needs. Our cases are made locally in our Bayswater VIC production facility, with a focus on quality and turnaround times. As an Australian manufacturer we have access to a range of high quality materials to make sure your final product is built to the highest standard.


With advanced production techniques used as well as in house CNC technology, large runs or complex foam designs aren’t a problem, and dealing direct with the manufacturers means that your budget is well looked after.


Solutions fitted to a budget – Tell us what you need, and where your budget sits, and we can tailor a solution that specifically meets these needs!

Equipment Road Case

Standard construction highlights include:

  • HD laminated 10mm ply construction – See flight cases for lighter weight construction options
  • Heavy duty Aluminium angle  covering all corners, hybrid tongue in groove angle on lid openings
  • Recessed lockable Penn Elcom butterfly latches
  • Recessed sprung handles
  • A range of heavy duty wheel options including  locking swivel castors  and built in  corner castors
  • Fully customisable foam interiors, ranging from simple high density foam linings, through to extra padded or  CNC cut inserts
  • 100mm HD Penn Swivel Castor wheels
  • Inbuilt Corner castor options
  • Extendable handle options  to use with  corner castors
  • Lift out Drop Tray
  • Foam lined dividers
  • Straps/tie down points
  • Stackable castor cups
  • Stackable case feet
  • Overlatches for joining cases in transit
  • Hinged or lift off lid
  • Trapdoors
  • Label holder
  • Ramped lid (for side loading models
  • Vinyl wraps and Branding
  • Complete custom solutions
  • Top loading style
  • Lift off lid/shallow base
  • 50/50 split
  • Side loading
  • Side/top loading
  • Front/rear lids
  • Briefcase style
  • Split top lid
  • Drawers case
Drawer Case

With over a decade in the entertainment industry, GigGear Road cases know their gear, with a large, ever growing amount of standard equipment designs on file and great knowledge of industry standards and formats, our aussie made cases are some of the best in the business.

Whether it’s a single or small run of cases, or a truckload, we’ve got you covered!

A great way to protect and transport your expensive and delicate IT and communications equipment, talk to us about our mobile server rack cases, multiple laptop solutions, digital kiosk cases or any completely custom fitout for any travelling gear!

A great way to transport sensitive, high value equipment, used widely for to/from service locations, sales and demo units and mobile setups.

Make sure your products turn up on site undamaged, organised and looking great! Custom branding, signage and vinyl wraps available. Talk to us about our many different options, there’s something for everyone!

A great way to consolidate a travelling trade show setup, roadcases will take the hassle out of palletising and packaging/repackaging and make your setup easily transportable. Stress less about rogue forklifts, security and weather affecting your kit between shows!

You may have seen our cases floating around many pit lanes or in the back of transporters, roadcases are a great option for organising, transporting and protecting your tools and equipment, spare parts, radio and comms gear and any other travelling equipment.

With many big names and teams spanning from Porsche and GT championships, to V8 supercars and sponsors, we have done everything from transporter fitouts, custom storage/lounges, engine and running gear cases, to custom drawer fitouts, complete with CNC foam tool inserts.

Some things are expensive, others are just priceless. If you have artwork, exhibition or museum pieces that need to be regularly shipped, a roadcase is a great option, some options include single or multiple framed wall art cases, roll in cases with ramps for larger items, or custom cut foam for any item.

Submitting large tenders can mean a great deal of paperwork, on top of this, presentation of this paperwork is extremely important. We can keep you ahead of the game, offering melamine or upholstered internal fitouts, custom CNC cutouts for main presentation books, full branded vinyl wrapping, custom powdercoated angle, built to any specification.

No matter what your equipment or industry, we can work with you to find your perfect roadcase solution, if we haven’t already done something similar in the past, new concepts are never too hard.

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