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Corflute Case Example
Small Corflute Box
Corflute Case Example
Corflute Case Example

Corflute Cases & Packaging

Durable Multi Use Equipment Packaging

Corflute or Flute board cases, cartons and packaging, provide a great lighter weight option for transit packaging for your equipment and goods that do not need the high levels of specialist protection that road cases, premium plastic cases or shipping crates provide.


Made from extruded processed polypropylene, the durability of Corflute or Flute board produces cases and packaging that is repeat multi use with usage lives often extending over several years.  They can be used over and over again and provide great options for a wide variety of industries.


Durable enough for industries such as automotive and engineering parts and components.  Light weight enough for exporters and postal uses, and hygenic high quality packaging and containers for fresh and frozen food produce and medical products.  Long lasting enough to be ideal for document and artifact storage and archives.


At Protectapack we are able to provide custom made solutions for your corflute packaging needs.  Our corflute and flute board cases and packaging are grouped into 3 levels of robustness and durability, which can then be tailored to specifically suit your equipment, products and usage.


  • Lighter duty cartons, boxes and trays.   Typically custom CNC cut, folded and interlocking, glued or plastic welded joints where required
  • Medium Duty cases, cartons and trays.  Custom CNC or Die-cut reinforced with polyethylene accessories and handles where required
  • Heavier Duty cases cartons and trays.  Custom CNC or Die-cut reinforced with aluminium edging and joiners and steel handles where required.


For more detail on the features of our corflute and flute board cases and packaging and the options which Protectapack can include, just click on the Features and Options sections to the right of this page.

Tailor made custom designed solutions for lighter weight and medium duty transit packaging

  • Corflute or Flute Board Cases, cartons, boxes and trays
  • Durable multiple repeat use
  • CNC or Die Cut, interlocking, glued or welded
  • Options for heavier duty re-inforcement and accessories
  • Double skin and steel framed options available
  • Various board thicknesses available suited to usage application and durability.  Typically 3mm, 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm and 8mm.  Other thicknesses available where required.
  • Multiple colour flute board options and corporate branding
  • Open trays or  enclosed cases and cartons
  • Stacking design and hardware
  • Metal frame and double skin options
  • Medium duty hardware options –  polyethylene reinforced edging, joiners and hardware
  • Heavy duty hardware options –  aluminium reinforced edging and joiners, steel handles.
  • Various  strapping and locking options
Corflute Bins

Perfect for transit and storage of assembly components and lower value tools and instruments that do not need the higher level of protection that road or flight cases provide.

Our durable, strong and multi-use corflute boxes are ideally suited to bulk transport and storage of fruit and vegetables from grower to processor to wholesaler and retailer.

Corflute boxes are light weight, compact and collapsable, perfectly suited to provide additional protection for freight handlers.  Perfect for light weight handling within depots and delivery vehicles

Lightweight and durable, our enclosed corflute boxes and cartons are ideally suited to document storage, archiving and retrieval.  Strap fastening and locking options can be added for those needing additional security.

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